Basement Rocks

You can contact us for all kinds of services from designing and construction of an effective basement drainage system to supplying raw materials for foundation repair and construction.

We also take pride in offering services regarding supply of raw materials such as Concrete, gravel, Wash rock and sand.

We source materials from 100% legitimate resources and you can rely on us to supply top quality materials in whatever volume you need. We also specialize in installation services, be it the installation of weeping tiles, window wells or even refilling and effectively closing your foundation after repairing.

With a fleet of machines starting from a multicat to hydrovacs and telebelts at our disposal, you can rely on us to get the job done no matter how big a scale the project is. We have a number of technical staff and experts in the field who will strive to ensure that the result you need is achieved as efficiently and economically as possible within a fixed deadline.