Weeping Tile

Routing water away from your basement structure is something crucial. Water and moisture are two evils that can lead to cracks and strength deterioration in the foundation. Weeping tiles are specialized perforated and corrugated drainage pipes that fundamentally re routes the water flow to the sump liner. While weeping tiles used for foundations are 4 inch weeping tiles, these might prove to be ineffective if the soil texture in your region is sandy or of a silt like texture. This is because these fine particles can enter the weeping tile and effectively block the path of drainage, there by forming a route which leads away from the sump liner and back to the foundation.

Our solutions when it comes to challenging regions like this are widely appreciated by a number of structural experts. The usage of a filter sock, around the weeping tile ensures that these fine particles do not enter the tube and thus ensure that the drainage process happens efficiently. Weeping tile installation and solutions made on it are one of our specializations, and you can approach us for any foundation water drainage related enquiries or problems.