Foundation Insulation

Foundation Insulations can play a crucial role in regions which have really cold weather. The foundation insulation is basically a layer of insulation against frost from penetrating into the structure and reducing the efficiency of your heating system. Due to the heat generated by the heating system in the basement, and the frost from outside the basement walls, the overall foundation structure can be subject to large degrees of expansion from within and contraction from outside which can lead to cracks.

The Foundation insulation is a coat of R10 rigid insulator that is applied inside or outside the basement. Ideally this coat is best applied within and outside the foundation structure. This way the heat within the basement is retained by the inner insulation coating, while the outer insulation coating protects the basement from frost penetration. This prevents frost penetration and thereby allows your foundation structure to retain heat within its walls. While installing foundation insulation is required by code in case of a walkout design where there is a door leading into the basement from outside, it is also recommended to install this installation in areas where the weather can get really cold.