Sump Liners

Sump liners are an integral part of any system that is designed to rid your foundation off water and moisture. It is the sump liner which collects the water from the window wells and weeping tiles and effectively discharges it from the vicinity of the structure. As a result it is crucial that the sump liner is of the finest quality and can withstand all kinds of weather changes.

There are mainly 2 kinds of sump liners:

  • Deep Sumps: We recommend the use of deep sumps for houses which have a walkout design. With ease of access leading to a door in the basement, these sumps must be kept away from the vicinity of the foundation since any rupture can cause the whole system to be counterproductive.
  • Regular Sump Liners: These sumps are best used in the case of sealed basements with no doors for access except windows fitted with window wells. These sumps can be located closer to the structure, although it is advisable that the ground pressure conditions be studied before installation.

Special Materials

When it comes to using sump liners, there are chances that these liners lift off the ground or “pop” off the ground. This is because the hydrostatic pressure in the earth forces the pump upwards. In order to equalize this pressure and ensure such a problem does not arise, our sump liners have holes drilled into the structure. This helps for a pressure tradeoff between the sump and the earth, and helps the sump to stay intact in the ground.

The sump liner routes the water to the sump pump, which pumps out the water so that no harm due to water or moisture is caused to the structure.

Radon gas removal system

As per the Canadian guideline remedial measures should be undertaken whenever the concentration exceeds 200Bq/m3. The following actions are to be undertaken:

  1. Polyethylene solid gas barrier required under slab
  2. Slab perimeter must be sealed to wall
  3. All penetrations through the slab to be sealed
  4. Sump pit cover to be airtight
  5. Granular fill required under slab
  6. A rough-in for radon extraction to either performance or prescriptive requirements must be installed