Delta Membrane

In extreme weathers, your foundation structure tends to expand and contract, eventually causing wear and tear which can compromise your structure. While there are a lot of solutions available in the market, Delta MS is the one permanent solution we advocate. The Delta MS is a specially designed air gap membrane, which works as a great protection mechanism for foundations. The Delta MS is an eco friendly solution which is made up of 60% recycled materials. The membrane works in such a way that it directs any water flow or seepage directly into the weeping tile, thereby effectively keeping your foundation free of water and basement free from any leakage issues.

The Delta MS has specially designed dimples, which wrap itself around your foundation in event of a crack. This way even if the structure further expands or contracts, the dimples on the membrane will ensure that the structure is not subject to further damage. Delta MS is largely recommended in place of any sprays used for waterproofing structures. The membrane is impenetrable by water or water vapor and this makes the structure strong, even if it is 12 feet below ground. The Delta MS comes with a 20 year manufacturer guarantee and this ensures that in case there is further damage to your foundation, it can be repaired with minimal costs.